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Accommodation Rules

We hope that you will enjoy your stay and make full use of our facilities.
You are kindly requested to observe the following rules, so that your stay will be comfortable and safe.
1. Checking in at the hotel is arranged upon presentation of passport.
2. The refundable deposit of 2000 RUB is payed upon checking in, 10000 RUB – VIP Suites.
3. We do accept the following methods of payment: cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, MIR), and bank transfers. All bills are due upon demand.
4. Check-in time – 03 pm; check-out time  12 pm.
5. When a Guest stays less than one day (24 hours) the payment is charged for the whole day.
6. If the booking is guaranteed by a credit card, the booking shall be valid till 06 pm of arrival day without any extra charges, if not specified otherwise in the reservation order. If the booking deadline is expired, the Hotel shall be entitled to cancel the reservation. In case of late cancellation or non-arrival, 100% of the nightly room rate shall be charged.
7. If the booking was cancelled not later than 24 hours before arrival, money that have been received on the Hotel's bank account will be returned back to the Guest within 30 working days.
In case of booking cancellation or booking amendment less than 24 hours prior arrival, a guest will be charged  100% of the nightly rate of each reserved night.
8. In case of pre-term departure, with the entire stay having been prepaid, the Hotel makes the refund of the accommodation fees prepaid in excess. The refund procedure shall be authorized by the Hotel administration by the original invoice and the hotel receipt only. 
9. If You want to prolong Your stay, You should inform the Receptionist no later than 2 hours before check-out time — 12 pm. You will be able to remain in the same room if it has not been booked by another guest. 
10. The payment for the whole stay should be made at the Front Desk upon check-in. Otherwise the Hotel holds the right to refuse in serving the Guest.
11. Children under 7 years old stay for free. Guests with children over 7 years old will be charged according to the price list. 
12. Unauthorized guests may be present in the room from 8 am till 11 pm, after this time a guest should check in at the reception desk and pay according to the price list. 
13. Pets are not allowed.
14. You are accommodated in a building constructed in compliance with safety regulations. A Guest card issued upon check-in for the paid period serves as an electronic room key and the Hotel pass. If the key is lost, please report immediately to the Receptionist.
15. Please do not disturb other guests by loud noises or elsewise, especially between 11:00 pm and 08:00 am. The hotel administration reserves the right to deny a guests's stay in case of received complaint from another guest. In this case money will not be returned.
16. For personal security and safety of belongings, the hotel Guests are required to comply with fire safety regulations, sanitary and hygiene standards.
17. All the rooms in the hotel are non-smoking.
18. The hotel's administration reserves the right to enter the room without agreement of the Guest in case of smoke, fire, flooding, and also in case of violation of the Hotel Accommodation Rules, public order, the order of household appliances' use.
19. Please take care of the hotel's inventory and other equipment. All intentional damages that occur during Your stay will be charged on Your account.
20. Please report disfunction or failure of any equipment to the Receptionist.
21. Guest's lost belongings are kept during 3 months from his/her checking-out.
22. In case of Guest's absence in the room for more than a day (or within 6 hours after his/her check-out time), the hotel has the right to make the iventory check in the presence of the hotel's Comission. The hotel administration takes responsibility of any findings including tangible assets (cash, commodities, valuable documents).
23. The guestbook (comments & feedback) is available at the Front Desk. 
24. All written guests complaints will be considered within 10 working days.
25. All the rest that is not provided by the present Rules, the Hotel Administration and the Guest are guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
26. The hotel administration reserves the right to visit the room without the consent of the guest in case of smoke, fire, flooding, as well as in case of violation by the guest of this order of residence, public order, the procedure for using household appliances.


Your are requested to follow fire safety rules:


Arrived at the Visotsky hotel, meet the evacuation plan on the door of your room. Please learn the evacuation exits and emergency staircases.

Smoking in the rooms or hotel corridors is strictly prohibited. 

It is prohibited to use candles in your room.

It is prohibited to bring and keep easily flammable substances and materials in your room.

It is prohibited to cover smoke alarm.

In case of fire emergency please call 01 and inform hotel administrator 46-46 or 46-47 about your whereabouts.

In case of fire in your room:

If it does not seem possible to put the fire out, leave the room and close the door. Keep calm and act according to the instructions of hotel team or fire brigade. Leave dangerous area according to the evacuation plan.

In case of fire outside your room:

Closed and well isolated door can protect you from high temperature. To avoid smoke poisoning please cover wall slots including ventilation with wet towels or bedding. Keep calm and act according to the instructions of hotel team or fire brigade. Leave dangerous area according to the evacuation plan.

In case of emergency:

Keep calm and act according to the instructions of hotel team or fire brigade. Leave dangerous area according to the evacuation plan.

In case of evacuation:

It is prohibited to use elevators.
During fire leave dangerous area bending to floor and cover respiratory tract with wet towel.
Yours sincerely, 
The Visotsky hotel team